Friday 23 February 2024

New York flute gang gets 'Ha Ya!' with the musclecars for the first in the 'Best Of' 2024 folder!

You'll recall we were very excited about musclecars being represented on the Audrey Powne single, 'Feed The Fire'(see review HERE)

There's a deep spiritual feel to this and their other productions (what's the odd on them getting together with Alina Bzhezhinska & Tony Kofi on BBE with the 'Anima' project? - see reveiw HERE) and then there's others who just want to paaarrrrrrtteeeeeeee with the Shannon Harris' A Love 4 Joy Journey Mix.

And these guys do like the perfect lenght of 7-9 minutes per track and will be featuring in our charts for ever more: but where's the Audrey Powne remix? (don't forget last week's 'Single of the Week', 'From The Fire'. see review HERE)


Artist: musclecars feat. Natalie Greffel

Title: Ha Ya! (Eternal Life) original / instrumental / Shannon Harris' A Love 4 Joy Journey Mix.   

Release date: 23rd February, 2024

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE763SDG2

Format: Digital  


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