Friday 23 February 2024

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When you think of acorn falling and trees of a musical kind, you've got your multiple Wainwright family, Steve and Hollie Cook and now, re:ni (aka Lauren Bush) and her drum/percussion obsessed Dad, Glyn 'Bigga' Bush.

I mention the Bush history with drums (whether it be Magic Drum Orchestra, the reggae/dub of Ligntning Head,the house side of Rocker's HiFi, the prog The black Albumen or even the variety on his 1BTN show, Bigga's Big Dig), as the Timedance varient is very much darker coming out of the shadows of post-dubstep dark electronic d'n'b.

The four tracks kick off with 'BURSTTRAP' that's possibley trap on a dancehall dub trip which kinda sound Krautrock?

There's definitely some techno/trans europe express/warehouse to 'Below Sanpaku' and definitely some heavy industry assult on 'BeautySick' (that's Dad's favourite) whilst 'Blame is the Name of the Game' is more a mix of all the above with a gamelan-electronic tendancies.

re:ni was mentioned in our big interview/catch up with BiggaBush (see HERE) and she does a monthly radio show, 'RE:LAX' with Laska on NTS (next 3rd March - see HERE) for more "Forward-thinking sounds from across the bass spectrum".

Artist: re:ni 
Title: BeautySick
Release Date : 23rd February, 2023
Catalog Number : Timedance 032
Label :Timedance
Format: 12" / Digital / Bandcamp



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