Friday 23 February 2024

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Eric Hilton if half of Thievery Corporation but his new album, Sound Vagabond, is no 50% effort, in fact it's more than 100% essential this year.

Thievery Corporation, as one of the early exponents of trip-hop, downtempo, dubby beats, making their name with Bebel Gilberto as one of Gilles Peterson's favourite tracks on the late 1990's, 'So Com Vocé', forming the ESL label and being sought after remixes ever since.

Since 2020 Eric has been just as busy as 'Sound Vagabond' is his sixth album on his own Montserrat House label.  Don't think for a moment he's not got the enthusiasm for a 14 track instrumental album as this sound vagabond has travelled the world and picked up so many influences that the album is a proper melting pot but not sloppy; all tracks are as sharp as the 60s mod artwork.

With such a history of making music with samples and remixing, it is incredible that the album has been formed with some free library music as a backbone.  From the opening track, hip-hoppy harp with 60s organ on 'Endless Affair' (like a modern day Thomas Crown) to the last track 'Lumi' (that possible encapsulates the whole album) you'll be thinking, "this is my favourite" track as it's quality throughout.

If you push me, 'Poppy Fields' is a fantastic mix of 60s cinematic Indo-funk acid jazz and the longest tracks on the album, 'Mumbai Hustle' (very sexy) and the dreamy jazz beats of 'Cerro Alegre' are mesmeric; along with 'The Grand Intro'.

This album has been inspired by many global influences and as an album for the world, the only problem with this album is tht all the tracks could be longer as they are so good and whilst we loved his album with Natalia Clavier, 'Corazón Kintsugi' from last year (see review HERE), 'Sound Vagabond' is even better! 

Artist: Eric Hilton  

Title: Sound Vagabond 

Release date: 23rd February, 2024

Label : Montserrat House
Catalog Number : MH027 Digital / Bandcamp 



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