Friday 2 February 2024

Those old jazz funk and acid jazz album can sound a little hackneyed?  The answer in 2024 is to looking a little further afield with Cotonete's new album, 'Victoire De La Musique' on Heavenly Sweetness.

Starting out in the 2000's this "supergroup" were  fans of Latin-jazz big hitters like Deodato, Lalo Schiffrin, Azymuth, Banda Black Rio but they only got going after a recent reunion at the behest of Melik Bencheikh of Heartbeat Vinyl in Paris.

The album 'Super-vilains' came out in 2019 and caught attention of remixes by Dimtri From Paris and Alex Attias and Canadian rapper Drake has even sampled them (and look what that did for Norma Winstone and owners of her 1970s album, no going for £350!)

For their follow-up album Heavenly Sweetness' GUTS has not only upped the ante, they are joined by names as famous as a Gilles Peterson VIP guest list like Far Out Recording's  Sabrina Malheiros Leron Thomas, Gystere Pesine and legend, 'The Man' Omar (can't believe it's almost exactly 10 years since 'The Boogie Volume 4' on Tokyo Dawn Records (see review HERE).
In addition to the heavenly (no pun etc) vocals by Omar on 'What Did You Run For', there's a tribute to French film OST royalty Francis Lai with 'Cinq Pour L'aventure at nearly 15 minutes long and the synth-funk-disco of 'O céu é preto' feat. Gystere (I can hear Dimitri sharpening his faders as I type.

That said, all 9 tracks are great and a very early contender for Album of the Year and conviently released to coincide with the first Bandcamp Friday of the year - you know what to do!

Artist: Cotonete

Title: Victoire De La Musique

Release Date: 2nd February 204

Catalog Number: -

Label: Heavenly Sweetness


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