Thursday 1 February 2024

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If you know your illicit grooves from your fermented grooves, Coy Haste on the Stereo Ferment label will be a familiar name to you.

Coy Haste (aka Brad Weber who is the tour drummer with Caribou) has made a 3 tracker, 'Bancha Bounce' that's a head combo of contemporary House and Disco influences with 70's and 80's South Asian Psychedelia.

Whether he's plunderd a Numero Group compilation for that Thai infused 'Noi District' or Hong Kong for 'Lamma Nights' (Ed. not very Jackie Chan?) I'm definitely up for some 'Giling Basah' for some baggin' backroom boogie with a big dub potential.

Toronto is a big cultural melting pot and the home of the label and its recommend Fermeted Grooves compilations.

Artist: Coy Haste
Album: Bancha Bounce
Release date: 1st February, 2024
Label : Stereo Ferment
Catalog Number : SF014 Digital / Bandcamp 


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