Thursday 15 February 2024

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Sonar Kollektiv's sense of the dancefloor is as diverse as the collective that makes the label so strong and inovative as they've found a nu-jazz of Janek van Laak with a single, 'The Killah Gorilla'.

This is taken form the forthcoming album, 'Circle Of Madness', the single is named after UFC's cage fighter, Jared 'The Killa Gorilla' Cannioner - I'm scared already. Somewhat of an odd choice for an Afro-jazz infused rocker.

Janek (drums) is joined by Richard Maegraith (alto sax, flutes, bass clarinet), Gabriel Garcia (trumpet and flügelhorn), Isabel Rößler’ (bass) and Tim Foley on percussion and they really come together on the track 'OCTAPUSSY' that you can check out on Bandcamp (see link below).

It looks like Sonar Kollektiv have the same artwork on this as TTeo's 'Loveexpress77' (see review HERE) and i wonder if a remix is on the cards?

Title: Janek van Laak
Title: The Killah Gorilla
Release date: 15th February, 2024
Label : Sonar Kolletiv
Catalog Number : SK479D / Digital / Bandcamp 


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