Monday 19 February 2024

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Substance Abuse is a pretty cool name for a couple of High School kids that happened to find themselves growing up a the heart of the LA hip-hop scene in the 1990s; but what's this match up with Kurious all about in 2024?

Curiously enough, I find that I picked up their 'Profitless Thoughts' 12" featuring MF Doom a mere 10 years after it was released on Kutmasta Kurt's Santa Monica label Threshold Recordings, (Ed. it's take's that long for Imports?) but when you're hanging around Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, Declaime, Oh No and the like like they were, it's still a surprise that their 'Bridges' track (featuring Aceyalone) came on Ramrock Red  back in 2019.

Apparently, the connection with 'Bridges' was made via Ladbroke Audio's A&R man Neil who introduced Ramrock's Jo Wallace and Kurious is equally well connected with scene legends like Doom (particularly, on 'Born Like This' that features my favourite Dilla track, 'Lightworks') and Kool Keith (he of Dr. Octagon and many, many more).

'Don't Add Me' is more funky-jazz hip-hop, consious boom bap with the sideways poke (no pun) at the shallowness of the 'social media' fallacy of off quoted likes/adds/plays etc is some quality assurance (and that's without touching the evil of SM's role in the increasing list of teen/adult murders).  

Back to the record, in explicit, clean, instrumental forms, "Don't Add Me" is perhaps a reminder that social media can be a force tor good and any rap that warns us that, "Gil Scott-Heron will not post on Instagram" - is an odd mirror of 'This Revolution Will Not Be Televised'; a far cry from Kardasians/West self-implosion

Nicely follow's the label's Joeseph Malik's release, 'Be A Lion' featuring Kameelah Waheed (see review HERE) and in both cases, all are showing us that hip-hop still has substance and it's not to be abused; you do the sums (as the kids might say).

PS. Big radio shouts to BBC 6 Music for their Dilla day (especially Gilles Peterson for featuring BBE's Peter Adarkwah at Gilles Peterson - Pete BBE on J Dilla - BBC Sounds : as one Detroit resident put it, "it seems that you're doing more (to celebrate) than we are in Detroit".

Artist: Substance Abuse 

Title: Don't Add Me ft Kurious

Release date: 19th February, 2024

Label: Ramrock Red

Cat. No: RRR055

Format: Bandcamp / Digital


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