Thursday 29 February 2024

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North African house from Moroccan DJ/Producer Omary meets Keyan DJ/Producer Saint Evo that features to vocals of Morrocan singer Meryame, finds up absorbed on the dancefloor with 'El Amal'.

You'll remember the last release on the label, SMALL F and Thabiso Vocalist's 'Remember Me' (see review HERE) or last year's collaboration between Omary and kawtar Sadik on 'Maktoub' with Amine'O on the remix which kind of links all the Mediterean/North African house with the (ethnic) flute gang.

There seems a renewed interest in Morrocan influences from DJ Bob Hill (Illicit Groves half-term break session) to Shay Hazan's 'Wusul) (see review HERE).

Artist: Omary, Saint Evo

Title: El Amal feat. Meryame

Release date: 12th February, 2024

Label : Ostowana

Catalog Number : OST047

Format: Digital


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