Monday 26 February 2024

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Marc-Antoine Perrio's name might sound like he should be in a list of Michelin star chefs or the Italian mid-field, but this musician is looking at escapism in a musical form on his new album.

Multi-instrumentalist/composer Marc-Antoine Perrio 14 track album covers a fusion of R&B, jazz, ambient, cinematic, classical and, at times, dreamy rock guitar.

Sometimes these influences merge, like the track 'Veneza' (featuring Claude Violante) and at others, they absorb like the beautiful 'Mon Coeur' (feat Elise Preys) which is a cinematic meeting of a sleepy Tundercat and early Cinematic Orchestra ('Overnight II' is the one to pick-up for this end of the spectrum).

Sometimes it can get a bit proggy ('Peace Over') or R&B/Pop francaise ('Flash the other track that features Elise Preys) and at the other extreme, classically inspired OST ('Fenêtre ( No3)' being the most obvious example).  And then there's the radio friendly 'TTOO' (featuring ABS) and the krautrock inspired 'Cyclp Musiq' which could have been longer to get the full effect.

So it's kinda disjointed whilst at the same time being fluid and I love that there's an 'answer' track on the same album in 'Post Mon Coeur' (featuring Adrien Soleiman; another multi-instrumentalist) and interludes to keep with the OST/library theme; watch out for 'IE Prologue (When Dust Storm Becomes Mountain)' to shatter the mood as it's in total contrast to 'Ripere'.

If you're into the ENO ambience there's a "hidden track" but there's not much more you can cram into this release but is that what his escapism is all about? If music is the healing force of the universe, here's a little help to heal, 'till you live forever. 
Artist: Marc-Antoine Perrio 
Title: Escapist: Heal, 'till You Live Forever
Release date: 29th February, 2024
Label : Noble
Catalog Number : LP / Digital  

Mon Coeur (Feat Elise Preys):
Marc-Antoine Perrio: Electric Guitar, Piano, Voices, Percussions, Synths Elise Preys: Voices
Jennifer Hutt: Violins
Florent Nisse: Double Bass
Adrien Soleiman: Tenor Sax

Mix & Mastering: Nicolas Charlier


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