Friday 26 January 2024

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Could this track possibly relate to a Lion of Lisborn? I think not as Kameelah Waheed takes the lead on 'Be A Lion', the new single by Joseph Malik on the Ramrock Red label.

"Philly's finest" appeared a few times on YATM last year, not only on Malik's "Album Of The Year", 'Proxima Ebony' (see review HERE) but also Andrew Sant's 'Love Honor Respect' (see review HERE) and on Sumsuch & Will Brock's' Don't Know Where I'm Going' (see review HERE).

This is for all "lionesses" everywhere as although the instrumental version is pretty powerful with string ladden funk, the Nasty P kutz don't distract from Kameelah's vocals (or the very nice old skool East Coast hip-hop cover graphics).

Mr. Malik might have grown up into the soulful legend he is today but there's no hidding the original Mk1 B-Boy swagger here so if you've got the album, you need this single - if you've not got the album, get both.

P.S. There's still some time before the transfer window closes but I can confirm exclusively that we're not in any negoitations to buy out our Ramrock/F*CLR contract, quite the opposite as we've re-signed in what's been described as a "win-win" situation - you might say, "Come on you Lions/Lionesess"!

Artist: Joseph Malik 

Title: Be A Lion ft Kameelah Waheed 

Release date: 26th January, 2024

Label: Ramrock Red

Cat. No: RRR056

Format: Bandcamp / Digital


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