Friday 26 January 2024

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Afro-house pre-orders for Sunset Gathering's 'Isimanga' by Aytiwan & Lizwi have been dominating charts this New Year already so no it's time to get your hands on the actual release.

You'll recall we've just had the Afro-house hit of Nico Efstratiou's 'Ndibize' as remixed by Aytiwan which followed the two mega remixes from Aytiwan  (who you will recall was called on to do the remix for David Hopperman's 'Mire' (including a Diamond Dealer Remix)(see review HERE). 

I hope there's going to be a longer version (Ed. is that because the original is nearly 7 minutes long?) or a remix with a vocal soundclash with Athimux that'd be a great mix elongates the track and adds a mystical tension vs. the South African 'tribal' Lizwi. 

Not sure if the cover image is a vision of the "Belgian Afro House architect" (that's Aytiwan) dream discotech as the sunset gathers but 'Isimanga' is definitely anthem bound.

Artist: Aytiwan & Lizwi 

Title: Isimanga

Release date: 26th January, 2024

Label : Sunset Gathering

Catalog Number : SG75

Format: Digital  


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