Thursday 4 January 2024

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Everybody knows 3 is a magic number but when your patent comes in, that's a Lucky 7 in betting terms so put your money on this one to be the first big 'un of the New Year.

So this is not just you're average EP of 3 tracks as we have:-

1. Sumsuch and Kanedo featuring RubenS on with 'Seaside Memories'

2. Kanedo on his own with 'With You'

3. Lucky Sun and Kanedo with 'T's Groove'

You may spot a similarity with the cover to that of the compilation of last year, 'Deep House Lovers' on the same label (see review HERE) and these new tracks feel deep [no pun etc] in that cross the Balearics afro-beach goove.

If you need to catch up, Lucky Sun's 'Balance' was also out last year (see review HERE) that featured Alison David and the Kanedo & Sumsuch remix of 'Sunset' so who knows how good that'd all be if they ever got in the same studio all at the same time?

Artist: Kanedo, Sumsuch, Lucky Sun 

Title: Deep Patterns

Release date: 4th January 2024

Label: Be Adult Music

Cat. No: BAM345

Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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