Sunday 24 December 2023

To say that ReKaB is a bit of a local legend in these parts is a bit of an under statement as his latest release on Fourier Transform is going to find many different pathways on his journey.

Indeed, this new release is also out in double CD format (Ed. the future retro?) and it's a proper exploration of techno inspired ambient acid house outta space music. 

Fans of his previous EP, 'Radom Signal' (see review HERE) will know what to expect and 'Total Control' (including 'Huckaby's Soul (Tribute)', that's a monster track and fitting tribute to Detroit's Mike Huckaby RIP) [P.S. RIP Amp Fiddler, another Detroit legend].

Back to 'Diverse Pathways', the 12 tracks by ReKab form the basis of this album and the titles are evocative of the music 'The Flow Keeps Getting Better' (post-Trans Europe Express acid), 'Drfiting Forward' and 'Talking Machines' are particularly excellent.

But not only that, he's managed to get the attention of a host of remixers on ten tracks which form CD2.  It's pretty diverse (no pun etc) as there's both darker and lighter moments like Kim Cosmik's take on 'Talking Machines' and William Courtice's 'Leaving For Mars' mix of the same track. And if you need a comparison, another transformation is [MXM]'s remix of the original track, 'Always Finding Time'.

So you'd expect the launch party to be in Berlin or a 'trendy' London postcode? So would I except, it's now time to declare an interest here, many moons ago I DJ'd with James (aka ReKaB) in Dorset and know that the party will be in the musically active town of Bridport (see details below) with 'Jazz Compacter' himself [MXM] which sounds like a great place to get the winter warmers out and prepare for a hectic New Year.

This album is a beautiful absorbion of modern electronic dance music and hopefully propel James into the spaceways.  

Artist: ReKaB (plus Remixers)

Title:  Diverse Pathway

Release date: 1st December, 2023

Label : Fourier Transform

Catalog Number : FTCD003

Format: 2xCD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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