Saturday 9 December 2023

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The Best of BBE for this year as selected by the staff that released the tracks, can't image a better present at this time of year!

I'd normally be slagging of a cover such as this but in this instance, it's perfect as it tells you exactly what's 'in the tin' and even then, "& many more"!

Amazing range of selections from the BBE staffers when selecting their 'Best Of BBE' for this year. It's the time of year to reflect, evaluate and party ya socks off and this is the perfect soundtrack - especially for the 'HTF did I not get this when it came out' moments. Over 40 tracks from 100+ projects so it's little wonder that this is only part one! Top work as always and thanks for your support. 

We've featured many of their releases this year so regular readers will be more than aware of how good this label and thier artists, and staff are.  So sit back and enjoy... Part 2 before Xmas?

Artist: Various Artists 

Title:  BBE Staff Selections 2023

Release date: 8th December, 2023

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE Digital / Bandcamp 


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