Thursday 14 December 2023

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I've got to say, the chorus of "LoA, LoA, LoA" does sound a bit 'Elvis in Hiwaii' but wait! This 'Land Of America' fights back with some edge that's right for these testing times.

Taking some Philly love from their 'Humanity' release from the passed couple of years, (see CAP071 & Remixed CAP077) with some angst from fellow Philly resident, Kameelah Waheed (who joined the duo on 'Don't Know Where I'm Going', see review HERE) it comes in original, clean, dub and Dave Leck Remix.

In fact, the remix doubles the bouncey synths with Will Brock's fantastic vocals and lyrics the shines a light on the land of the free's "subtle gaslighting America seems to inflict on its most vulnerable citizens" (track was written mid-2022), that's now happening in various elections all over the planet. 

Next year expect a track 'Free Born Man' (could that be an "answer" track?) with a Vincenzo Remix; he of Be Adult Music (check their latest compilation for Xmas, ' Winter Tale', HERE) and the dub version sounds less 50th State and more Balearic with a strong beach percussion vibe and soft-rock twang (Dave is Australian).

I hope to have an "exclusive" with the lyrics to update you with as I feel this is going to be an important release for these two and deserves to be fully appreciated.

Artist: Will Brock & Sumsuch 

Title: LoA (Land of America) (with Dave Leck Remix)

Release date: 15th December, 2023

Label: Colour & Pitch

Cat. No: CAP089

Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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