Wednesday 14 December 2022

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The original album 'Balance' by Lucky Sun was mostly set on the Baleraic beach house under the palm trees.  A year on, what have the remixing experts given us as a transformation?

Well, it's very hard to make anything that features the vocals of Alison David into anything that isn't brilliant. So when you've got three tracks on the original album, there's more than a fair chance one them is the one going to be picked. 

So 'Rain And Sunshine' getting two versions as a Sumsuch 2022 vs. Tim Haze's remixes. 

I'm going for the one with more horn (that's Sumsuch to you and me) but I like the idea of even more horn and dub.  Whilst Tim's has super warm keys as if he's on the beach with Alison's groove - where's the instrumental version? [Ed. you're so greedy Hectic!]

And then Al Bradbury provides two different remixes of 'Calling You In'; Broken Acid vs 3am Deep House. The acid style remind me of the sophisticated BiggaBush acid wobble (also on the beach) whilst this lady is wide awake at 3am. And then there's 'Sunrise' (Jero Nogues Vocal Remix) and 'Deep Love' (Alvaro Hylander Remix) are both main room with Alison's pillow talk and Frank H Carter III's soulful sun worship. 

Totally 'Balance' (Ezra Collins Remix) takes the pace up but our man Sumach teams up with Kanedo for a Spanish 'Sunset' bounce with those night time horns. 

Balearic beats in a chill mid-winter, this will keep you warm until the Lucky Sun returns.  And if there's a new trend for 8 track remix EPs, (did you miss 'A Different Style' EP?), if they're all as good as this one, long may it continue.

Balance Remixed (2022)

Balance (2021 Original)

Artist: Lucky Sun

Title: Balance Remixed

Release date: 14th December, 2022

Label : Lucky Sun Recordings

Catalog Number : LSR032

Format: LP / Digital / Bandcamp


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