Friday 9 December 2022

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It's that time of year to get out 'Christmas Jollies' by the Sasoul Orchestra and this year, it'll be joined by this special release.

New Regency Orchestra! Check 'em out with two versions of Tito Puente's classic 'Mambo Rama' that was originally recorded in the home of Salsoul, New York City in 1952.

The thing is, this doesn't sound at all dated.   It's as vibrant as the cover artwork is 'now' in terms of the dance.

Eliane Correa has a wealth of Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz expertise  (remember WARA?) and she put together eight-piece rhythm section and a storming twelve-piece horn section including Rosie Turton, Tamar Osborn (Collocutor) & Nick Walters (Ruby Rushton, Riot Jazz) alongside Ernesto Marichales (Waaju, Jordan Rakei), Flavio Correa, and Jimmy Martinez.

Then, instead of a remix, there's an alternate version by Lex Blondin that features Momoko Watanabe Gill (Tirzah, Coby Sey, An Alien Called Harmony) and Alex Burke (Forest Law, Esa, Haha Sounds) with contributions from Capitol K and Kissu.

New Regency Orchestra has definitely got the new swing and we need more of this in 2023.

Artist: New Regency Orchestra 

Title: Mambo Rama 

Release date: 9th December, 2022

Label : Total Refreshment Records

Catalog Number : LP / Digital / Bandcamp


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