Friday 29 March 2024

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A.MA Records search for 'Unaware Beauty' has paid off with the unveiling of the Bruno Montrone Trio's new album.

Not strictly a trio album as Bruno Montrone (Piano), Giulio Scianatico (Double Bass) and Joe Farnsworth (Drums) are joined by special guests Serena Grittani on vocals and the alto sax of Sarah Hanahan on 4 (two each) of the nine tracks.

You may recognise Farnsworth's name as the New Yorker has played with all the main jazz cats from Horace Silver, Lou Donaldson, McCoy Tyner and Pharaoh Sanders (including a 2003 recording session of the all-time classic, 'The Creator Has A Master Plan') and many more.  And that links in nicely with the opening track as 'Edward Lee' is a heavy swing bopper with Hanahan blowing for all her worth and Bruno's getting some McCoy Tyner style bang for his buck. In trait hie repeats on 'The Hodgepodge' (a word you don't hear that much these days and a great title) and Farnsworth showing off his 'live' skills (and obligatory solo on 'Bau Blues').

Variety you ask? Well, the downtempo soothing of the title track has the gentle breeze of Serena's whispy vocals to accompany the trio al la ECM before a climax ending with the other track, 'When Or Where' being the total contrast of a late nite standard.

Is this varied enough for a 'trio' jazz album?  No, what we need is th piano lounge cool bossa of 'Riflessiva' that's over 6 minutes long as al a Silver-esque does Charity Shop Classics (and that''s not a bad thing as an unaware beauty of jazz trio - keep you're eyes open for some Monty Alexandere Trio I say) and another fantastic ending. 

And you in the Backroom!  Hanahan can seriously blow as if the creator has a master plan and has gone out to lunch at the same time! Forge, Curtis, Peterson, Beadle and everyone else, you need to get  'Phrygian Sound Connotation' as the best 8 minutes you're likely to hear this year.

Parts of this album could happily sit next Jamie Cullum, spiritual jazz or A.MA Records' last release, Two Things Of Gold' (see review HERE) along with some straight edged jazz which all adds up to a great Good Friday freeling on this release day. 

Spring seems to have finally sprung with this release as 'Wide Awake' affirms. Thbese guys are bound to be at a jazz festival in the summer and you'd bonkers to miss 'em or not get this beauty of an album now you're fully aware of how good it is.

P.S. Many thanks to DJ Bob Hill again and hope he''s enjoying his sabbatical from Illicit Grooves radio show.

Artist: Bruno Montrone Trio
Title: Unaware Beauty
Release date: 29th March, 2024
Label : A.MA Reforged / A.MA Records
Catalog Number : CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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