Friday 1 March 2024

Seems like we've been waiting a long time for the next installment of the Sumsuch & Will Brock musical adventure but fear not, 'Free Born Man' (on Colour and Pitch) will be with us soon.

And if Sumsuch's love of "fascinating blends of deep floating house music" isn't enough, he's gone and got one of the current experts in the field, Vencenzo on the remix.

The original track is very much in their own classic style of 'There Comes A Time' as that one also has a dramatic floaty free that is the perfect vehicle for Mr. Brock's vocals and great use of uplifting bouncey synths. 

Equally essential is the reduced beach bar - piano lounge chillout house of Vincenzo's remix that fits in and at the same time, is a bit of a contrast to other recent releases like the influencial single last year on Be Adult Music, 'Extrasolar'/''The Witching Hour' - which came out at about the time of Sumsuch & Will Brock's last release, 'Don't Know Where I'm Going' (with Gavin Boyce Remix - see review HERE) that featured Kameelah Waheed who continues to keep cropping up and most surpristingly of Joseph Malik's new album on Ramrock Records (see review HERE).

Will Brock's fantastic vocals lift the soul of the track in both forms but just as mesmerising is the there's the two instrumental versions as a bonus.

This is a fantastic start to 2024 that also happens to be the 10th anniversary year of Colour & Pitch and long term readers of YATM will recall the Sumsuch/Brock opened the Colour & Pitch label's account back in 2015 with the now classic, Simpathico (see review HERE) and they've followed this up the equally essential 'All Along', 'Shine' and 'Humanity' plus remixes; perhaps there's a compilation album due?

Don't forget this months' Colour & Pitch Sessions mix that starts with the Vincenzo remix (see below) and the Sumsuch/Matty Eeles release 'Find Home' on Be Adult Music with remixes by Vincenzo  - see review HERE)

Artist: Sumsuch & Will Brock 
Title: Free Born Man (inc. Vincenzo Remix) 
Release date: 1st March 2024
Label: Colour & Pitch
Cat. No: CAP092
Format: Digital / Bandcamp


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