Friday 15 March 2024

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Alessia Piermarini is nobody's fool as her romantic single 'Fool' is out now.

The London/Rome based singer/song writer/pianist's the vision of 'Fool' was born in "a quiet countryside morning"; it's certainly got touches of a formal Italian garden more than Primrose Hill and she feels the love/loss/hope triangle - like a beautiful marriage at first sight caputured in 4 minutes.

There's no blame to say that this is very cross-over from BBC Radio 2, 6 Music and Jazz FM to the cool of easy going types like 1BTN, Re:Warm.  And when I say, nobody's fool, she's previously worked with Ursula Rucker, Frank McComb, and Jaguar Wright (who featured on her second solo album 'Synth o matic' on which you'll find a cover version of Madonna's 'Into The Groove'!)

A little bit different to the clap-along last singe on A.MA Records/A.MA Edizioni, 'Walk With Me' - what happened to the Elbert Phillips "Tryppy Tribute Remix" for that one? Sounds ideal to me; I'll have to have a word with that influencial DJ Bob Hill

15th March on Spotify

Artist: Alessia Piermarini 
Title: Fool 
Release date: 15th March 2024
Label: Self Released
Cat. No: -
Format: Digital / Spotify / Bandcamp

Written by Alessia Piermarini, Piergiorgio Curzi, Edoardo Ravaglia
Arrangement: Edoardo Ravaglia
Vocals; Alessia Piermarini
Guitar: Jorma Gasperi
Piano: Edoardo Ravaglia
Production: Alessia Piermarini, Edoardo Ravaglia, Jorma Gasperi
Mix & Mastering: Filippo Passamonti (VDSS Studio)
Label: Beyourself Recording


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