Friday 29 March 2024

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I think we can see through X-Ray Production's plan for world domination with this new album by La Yegros, 'Haz'. 

We were suitably impressed with the single. 'Veo' featuring K.O.G (see review HERE) but we're even more so now we've got the other nine tracks on her album, 'Haz'.

The singer from Buenos Aires has largely kept her Argentine Latin folk roots (via the accordian) and has added various modern fusions to give the album even more appeal as 'Nu Cumbia'.

'Malicia' arguably does this the best with it's punky Les Négresses Vertes /Talking Head start and ending on a reggaefied NY disco with 60s mod organ and panpipes - brilliant!  Not content with that, 'Rehen' gets a bit reggae with some twangy guitar and post dubstep wobble. And for the punk flute gang in town, (when aren't they), 'Todo Yo' or the rockin' last track, 'Nada'.

Produced by Gay Kerpel (aka King Coya) with composer Daniel Martin, in addition to K. O.G, the guest appearance,  'Donde' features Colombian psychedelic/cumbia/experimental guitarist, multi instrumentist, singer and composer Eblis Alvarez!

This is going to be on all the usual suspect's playlists, from Jazz FM, BBC 6 Music radio to WOMAD, Songlines and all things worldwide and leftfield as La Yegros launch as Argentine's answer to Bala Desejo on the left bank Cafe culture in Paris (well, they are holding the Olympics this year) with a possible Gotan Project/Quantic & His Combo Barbaro revival? With panpipes!

Artist: La Yegros  

Title: Haz

Release Date : 29th March, 2024

Catalog Number : -

Label : X-Ray Production

Format:  LP / CD / Digital


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