Thursday 21 March 2024

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When they say, every picture tells a story, the cover artwork to 'Hijos Del Sol' is obviously the new dawning for the children of the sun that follow Florian Gasperini.

The dawn chorus awakening of  'Hijos Del Sol' will get you ready for any festival dancefloor that certainly has a similar piano vibe to Kiko Navarro & Hugo Navarro's 'Una Mattina' that's just out on Afroterraneo (see review HERE).

But that's not all as there's two more tracks, 'That's Who I Am' and 'Mystical Morning' - I think you get the idea 

.After 20 plus years as a DJ/Producer, this is Florian's debut on Be Adult Music and it's definitely been worth the wait and not the last.

Artist: Florian Gasperini 
Title: Hijos Del Sol
Release date: 21st March, 2024
Label; Be Adult Music
Catalog Number: BAR354


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