Thursday 28 March 2024

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Dj Toner and Erik Truffaz go way back to their days as the Domestic Jazz Collective and the 2021 Dj Toner Q4rtet album, 'Blessed Are The Weird People' so how weird is the new single, 'Camina'?

As it's Easter, they'll be lots of 'Camina' talk this time of year; especially, Camino de Santiago (other relegious prilgrims are available).  But that's not what we'll,be thinking about here.

For fans of Swiss born Truffaz's jazz horn, who is not shy of working with 'weird' people like Murcof and Syl Johnson,  That's in addition to releasing his own music, like the 2007 album 'Arkhangelsk' and last years 'Rollin'', both on on Blue Note.  So he's got form mixing the jazz with the hip-hop; albeit, I did see him live some years ago with, at the time teen icon, Ed Harcourt!

And Erik's cool Miles Davis tone al la "we got the jazz"/MC Solaar suits Dj Toner's beats (also check out 'Affective Computing','Natural Love' and the Grandmaster Jazz supergroup, 'Free-Remix').

There's a new album promised, 'OutSide' with a further nine tracks; seems ideal for fans of DJ Shadow (but not his 'The Outsider' period); 'Camina' has got a touch of the southern Cal. Latin scratchin' and a walkin' about it.  

As Dj Toner (aka Antonio Herrera) himself might say, Cadizfornia Dreamin'.

More Dj Toner Q4rtet please. 

Artist: Dj Toner Q4rtet

Title: Camina feat Erik Truffaz 

Release date: 28th March, 2024

Label: Tangential Music

Catalog Number: Digital  


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