Friday 12 April 2024

Made for customers on the largest of Balearic Islands, is it Balearic? If your idea of Balearic is a fusion of synthy bounce North Africa influences with soaring Spanish vocals and some added flamenco guitar and percussion in your house; this is it! 

After getting his son, Hugo Navarro to help out on last months' release, 'Una Matttina (A Morning)' (see review HERE) the ever busy Kiko has called up Nuria Millán (vocals) and Benji Habichuela (Spanish flamenco guitarist) to give us this totally different new release, 'Nana Del Caballo Grande' (Lullaby of the Big Horse).

Nothing to do with the Northern Soul classic by Cliff Noble & Co. (The Horse) but a new cover of the flamenco legend, Camaron De La Isla's hit as a commission for Majorca's dance and acrobatics company 'House of Son Amar'.

The dance troop are fans of Kiko's 'La Fatiga' (2020) and were looking for something similar for their productions so it made sense to call Benji for percussion as he worked on 'La Fatifa'.
And he is the one who suggested to add 'cantadora' (female singer) Nuria Millán who gives this proper flamenco cred in both the 'extended' and 'orginal' versions.

Flamenco is culturally important in these parts and you don't want to upset folks and Kiko et al certainly won't with this version that's back of your neck tingling whilst you're a dancin'.  Even the Exhibit remix is evenly split between a mostly acapella Pt 1 and a deep house bangin' Part 2.

So different to Una Matttina' but equally brilliant - time to give Kiko the freedom of the Islands (that's if he's not got it already) 

Artist: Kiko Navarro feat. Nuria Millán & Benji Habichuela
Title: Nana Del Caballo Grande
Release Date : 12th April, 2024
Catalog Number : AFTNE063
Label : Afroterraneo Music
Format: Digital


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