Friday 5 April 2024

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Did someone say, "prog rock, psych, folk"?

Here's one for all you cool cats looking for the return of 18th Day Of May, Tuung and a Jethro Tull meets Yes!

Well that's what the last single, 'Lost In The Woods (Bacchanal)' had elements of and I'm pleased to say no one legged flautists or capes were hurt in the recording of Project Gemini's second album.

In truth, this is a very inteligently crafted mix of psych-funk-prog OST that would fit nicely on a Wickerman soundtrack that's the vision of Paul Osborne.

Paul has enlisted the services of Raz Man, the drummer from Sababa 5 (one of our favourites, see review HERE) and they team up so well, check out the title track that's got a twang of 

Twelve Caesars' 'Scenes 'From Wild Eyed Dreams' about it (see review HERE). And put that together with some dream female vocals (sung in French, bein sur), as in 'Entre chien et loup' the album could be some long lost psych-Stereolab.

Equally, due to flip/flop jingly/jangly 60s Byrds (especially the title track and 'After The Dawn') vs. Mod-Middle Eastern Serge Gainsbourg influence (and more), it could be a Bob Stanley compilation or some long lost recording that Jonny "Francophile is not his middle name but he does like that type of thing if it's as sexy as this and it is pretty Library/OST which is his middle name" Trunk has discovered - yes, that good! 

If that wasn't enough, 'The Sun Devil' puts the Flute gang in the world of Batov, or more specifically, Kolonel Djafaar's 'Getaway' (see review HERE), your 60s TV theme, 'Seven Seconds To Sunrise' and Delia Derbyshire-funk-flute of 'Twilight'.

The first album was called, 'The Children Of Scorpio' (I think we get the idea) and this is the brilliant (not difficult) second album that will fill our summer of love this year.

If I were a Flying Mojito Bros, I'd be on the phone straight away after the remix gig!

Artist: Project Gemini

Title: Colours & Light

Release date: 5th April, 2024 

Label : Mr Bongo 

Catalog Number : MRBCDLP301

Format : LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp


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