Sunday 28 April 2024

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"Dreamy trip hoppers stay connected" as Fred Everything teams up with the much loved Stereo MC's on a 'Soul Love' train.

We were ahead of the timetable with Fred's collab with James Alexander Bright on the last single 'Breathe' (see review HERE) and the album, 'Love, Care, Kindness & Hope' is coming out next month.

So with 2 great singles, expectations are high; especially if Fred's collection of vintage keyboards are involved.

New versions of the track, including remixes by Clive From Accounts (he of 'Strictly Business EP' on Razor N Tape and some classy remixes), will be available later in 2024

Artist:  Fred Everything feat. Stereo MC’s
Title: Soul Love
Release date: 26th April, 2024
Label : Lazy Days Recordings
Catalog Number : 
Format: Digital / Bandcamp 


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