Friday 3 March 2023

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There's only on thing we love more than a David Walters release on Heavenly Sweetness and that's brand new 13 track album by David Walters on Heavenly Sweetness. 

This is so summer hot, like his other two albums on the label, we've got a few top name guests, Walters' style of Afro-Caribbean and Anglo-française vocals. 

The BIG track in the most Fela-like 'Jodia' that's got enough for the flute gang, a trumpet solo and a 'tribute' to 'Wade In The Water': did you hear me?  He slips into  'Wade In The Water'!

At the other extremes, the opener features label mate K.O.G. (see review of 'Zone 6' HERE) and I think they're going to pick this one as a single for it's summer love groove, there's the disco synth funk of ' No One' as a Captain Planet edit and Afro-spaceship poet Anthony Joseph and La Reyna get bass-deep on 'Toxic Tropic'.

The title track is clearly aimed at mass market french speaking radio and it's an easy cross-over to the dancefloor (think we'll be hearing this one regularly this summer) and 'Light' seems like his homage to Bob with some classic reggae 60s organ sounds and an I-Threes sounding backing.

The even higher highlights are the two tracks featuring Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal, 'An Lot Soley' (this is particularly beautiful) and 'Klè' with the house funker. 'Don't U' (watch the remixers band on the door to do this one - but for now, this is going on the dancefloor chart as it'll turn heads) and jazz-dancers at the ready, 'Night In Madinina'.

David is such a talent (Singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ, remixer, composer and TV host!) there's no chance this isn't fantastic but we're talking ever track!; 'Soul Tropical' is Mr. Walters own WOMAD genre. 

Artist: David Walters

Title: Soul Tropical

Release Date : 3rd March, 2022

Catalog Number : -

Label : Heavenly Sweetness


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