Saturday 11 March 2023

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The Descendants 'Telling Lies' featuring the vocals of Mazen Bedwei on F*CLR Records is so good! And I'm not lying.

When I said, "lets have more from F*CLR [pronounced F.Star.Clear]" when reviewing Wearing Shoes' EP, 'Never Pretend' (review HERE), I didn't think we'd hear so quickly or with such a different sound!

'Telling Lies' is full-on with big strings (as if we're going to go disco), post Italo-piano, a little bit of dubby echo and massive soulful vocals that's as good as any UK club scene from Acid Jazz onwards. 

In fact, this is so good the instrumental version will kill you with the strings alone; if you're lying by a pool at sunset, you'll get ya boogie bathers on when the DJ plays this one for some deep end action.

The name, The Decendants, comes from the fact that this a a family affair with Johnny 'Primed' Cooper, his son Matt & Jeff Cooper.  All have been involved with music for a long time; from Incognito to Outside (D'n'B) to Mazen being on tour with Leroy Hudson.

You might think that this would tend to be derivative but F*CLR those thoughts and get busy with this.  

And rumour has it that some monster remixes are on there way so prepare yourself with these original versions.

Artist: The Descendants ft. Mazen Bedwei 

Title: Telling Lies EP

Release date: 10th March, 2023
Label : F*CLR Music .

Catalog Number : FCLR017 Digital / Bandcamp


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