Monday 6 March 2023

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If you're new to the label, Be Adult Music, it's a good time as they 7 years of being grown up with a ten track compilation.

You can tell straight away from the opener, Cielo's 'Nectarine' that these guys live the deep Ibizan beach dream as they party swoon in the westernmost parts of the Balearic Islands:

'Death on the Balcony' isn't a cheery title but we're in synthy Detroit area code and 'Imagination' is a fast dub (Ed: is that possible?) going on that's got something of Rise Ashen about it.

There's inevitably some dreamy white isle downtempo with views of the solar system (as per the cover artwork); don't be misled by the title of 'Back To My Roots' as its no 'Going Back To My Roots' disco homage. But it just goes to show the various styles and quality that been gathered here; need to check more from Greg Ochman on the strength of 'Caramel' alone or 'Broken Pieces Of You' by Paul Losev. 

Talking about the label, a fan said, that they've "been on fire lately- a string of incredible releases!" and we're not going to disagree on this showing.

And if that wasn't enough, Sumsuch played a couple of their tracks on his most recent Colour and Pitch podcast; Cedric Salander' 'Essence' and 'A Soul' by Paul Losev to enjoy.

Artist: Various Artists
Title: 7 Anniversary
Release date: 6th March, 2023
Label; Be Adult Music
Catalog Number: BAM300
2Death On The BalconyForce Of Habit8:43
3DSF Impression7:24
4Erdi IrmakEasy Now7:03
5Evren FurtunaBack To My Roots7:07
6Greg OchmanCaramel8:00
7Ilias KatelanosPlectaSirenes7:06
8MissfeatJunDon't Fool Yourself7:20
9Paul LosevBroken Pieces Of You5:43
10Moo VeAlways With You6:34


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