Saturday 1 June 2024

Music Without Labels are on the edge with David Lyn's new album, 'The World I Hear (Essence of Life)' and it won't take long to go over and fall in love with this album.

For a start off, you may not know the name David Lyn but he's attracted a wide range of people that you will know like Elbert Philips (a Frankie Knuckles protoge and he of A.MA records remixes - see review HERE), Andy Compton (amazingly prolific deep house/Balearic with The Rurals), Arema Arega (Gilles Peterson's Havana Cultura), Born74 (who with Arema have been on Ramrock Red - loads of reviews on YATM) and even DJ legend Dr. Bob Jones has contributed!

So with this talent together with Lyn's own contribution on flute, clarinet, saxophone and piano we've got an album to champion.

With the title that sounds like it's deeply mediative, wellness focused like the amazing openers with vocals by Vuyelwa Mgatyelwa who sings on 'Bayede (Hail The King)' which connects effortlesly with 'Hamba Manzi (Water Flows)' and the last track, 'Let It Flow' (this last one is a monster that's already featured on the Illicit Grooves Radio show with DJ Bob Hill).

There's a rumour that Gilles Peterson is going to feature one of these tracks on his BBC 6 Music show but it's equally as likely he (and anyone else for that matter) will pick the Afro-house inspired 'Connections', the Latin-jazz dance focused 'Maria Juana' (the one that features Arema Arega and Born74) or 'Drum Connection' (the one with the Elbert Phillps remix) are all set for future dancefloors and festivals this year?

And here's a new name to us, King Stuff on 'I Need A Melody' which morphs into 'Ingoma Yakudala (An Old Song)' which sounds a bit like TY(RIP) in South Africa which would be/and is great.  There's also more than a leaning into gospel/soul/house 'You Told Me This' and 'Hey Lord'; if there's going to be a remix album, it's going to be a stunner, calling all Osunlades and Joe Clausells out there!

Prepare to hear this throughout the summer; and did someone say, "Sète" (Gilles Peterson's festival in the South of France in July), Dingwalls Reunions (check out Mark Murphy's "latest" single - see review HERE) or even Dorset's "We Out Here Festival" in August?

There's a bonus with the digital release of continuous 45 minute mix and it's hard to believe this is a debut album as it's so complete and polished but it's no surprised that more are planned: but for now, don't stop dancing to 'Maria Juana' and  'Drum Connection'.

Artist: David Lyn 
Title: The World I Hear (Essence of Life)
Release date: 1st June, 2024
Label: MWL Productions
Catalog Number: MWL LPDD124
Format: Vinyl / digital / Bandcamp


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