Tuesday 25 June 2024

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Mike Casey's 'Calle Pizarro' release is where you'll find all sorts of influences from the acclaimed saxophonist, composer & producer.

Mike is based in LA and this four track EP sounds like the West Coast jazz satxophonists answer to Nick Marks' East Coast 'Cinematic  Chromatics' (see review HERE) but in a flip of the usual geographic dynamics, this quintet is harder; particularly 'Ghazal' 

In addition to Mike's sax, 'Calle Pizarro' features some heavy piano and some almost prog/fusion/Balearic guitar (like a subduded Steve Hillage/Gary Boyle) - couldn't have timed 'The Beauty Of Everyday Life' better for the Chilled Cider weekend.

Even if there are lots of influences, it really keeps you on your toes and the forthcoming album is eagerly anticipated.  Due to be released in September and in keeping with the Spanish theme it's called 'Valencia' (Mike is a former masters student at Berklee's campus in the Spanish city): so get prepared for some jazz heat.

Title: Mike Casey 
Title: Calle Pizarro
Release date: 24th June, 2024
Label : Independent
Catalog Number : -
Format: Digital / Bandcamp 


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