Friday 14 June 2024

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Wah Wah 45s have just release Jamie Finlay's debut album, 'Sun Dogs' that a blend of soul-jazz that's fit for any mad Englishmen at mid-day (men acting foolish from other nations are also available).

If you know Jamie's work from his previous  releases, you've eagerly awaited the debut album for a a long time; if not, you're in for a real treat with 'Sun Dogs'.

All eight tracks are a delightful hybrid of 4-Hero, Heliocentrics, Jimi Tenor (don't forget his latest, 'Is There Love In Outer Space?' - see review HERE) or if you want to go old school, Lonnie Liston Smith, Rotary Connection and Herbie's Headhunters.  And to make sure it's that good, he's got together a 'super group' to support him including some great singers, Bryan 'Corbenova' Corbett and Chris 'Time Capsule' Bowden.

It's all great but check out 'Staring At The Sun', 'Family' and 'Parhelion' in particular.

If you're in the area of the Chilled Cider Fesiival at the end of the month (vinyl only DJ set) I'll be bringing a couple of Jamie's previous 12"ers to play but far better to catch the Jamie Finlay Band's full live show, Grow in Hackney Wick (15th June), The Deaf Institute, Manchester on July 27th, or the big one, We Out Here Festival on August 16th.

Artist: Jamie Finlay 
Release: Sun Dogs
Release Date: 14th June, 2024
Label: Wah Wah 45s
Catalog Number: -
Format: Digital / BANDCAMP

Jamie Finlay - Keyboards, synthesisers, vocals, bass guitar & percussion
Ellen Beth Abdi - Vocals
Kemani Anderson - Vocals
Caitlin LM - Vocals, saxophones & flute
Hannah McGuigan - Vocals
Matt Steele - Fender Rhodes
Errol Rollins - Drums
Bryan Corbett - Trumpets, flute & trombone
Chris Bowden - Saxophones
Dan Carpenter - Flugelhorn
Atholl Ransome - Saxophones
Dan Gresham - Additional keyboards


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