Friday 28 June 2024

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We are 'TRIBE' - the gang are gonna love this!

We've been lucky enough to follow Cee ElAssad on Ensouled with the first release, 'CLEVER' when he was assisted by Jaidene Veda (see review HERE) that was followe by Trinidadian Deep's equally impressive 'Moments Of Sounds EP' (see review HERE).

You can still hear his Morrocan roots but this teaming up with Japanese producer Masaki Morii there's deep Afro-House soul that's got at least one foot in Detroit's dancefloor.

A full-on dub version would be cool but as the message is, "We are a Tribe, We are interconnected, You and me, We are interconnected" - sounds like You And The Music anthem to me.

P.S. This week, Sumsuch's Colour & Pitch Sessions for June played the track 'Tribe' (track 9) and full soundcloud link below.

Artist: Cee ElAssaad ft. Masaki Morii
Title: TRIBE
Release date: 28th June, 2024
Label : Ensouled
Catalog Number : ENSLD003
Format: Digital  


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