Friday 14 June 2024

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For some, there's no way back, be it former Presidents or Prime Ministers (in this heavy election year) but for the label, No Way Back, there's another chance with remixes on the 'Significant Other EP'.

Always Friends have rallied round their six best mates for an EP of half a dozen dancedloor house tunes for the summer months ahead.
You may recall the original release from earlier this year as Always Friends, aka Brad Eller and 50% of Glass Slipper (they of 'Incidental Introspection' - see review HERE) and Duo Electro, but he says this solo project intends to be equally split between deep house, dub techno and euphoric vibes merged into one.

By having remixes by Soledrifter, Demarkus Lewis, Southern Oracle, Col Lawton, Daniel Allen and Cuillere re-inforces the best of these tracks.

Particularly liking Brad's Austin neighbour Cuillere with his stutter dub-house take of 'Little Chant' which takes us into the garden with green-House but you're going to love it all, from the main room of the title track (as remixed by Soledrifter) whilst Demarkus Lewis (who has been involved in hundreds of remix) gives 'Safe Passage' a big bounce beat. 

Another mate from Austin, Southern Oracle (aka Davey Schacheri) is another one who favours a bouncey beat and Glass Slipper has already had a release with Col Lawton this year whilst Col had a track on a Staybad, 'Staybad & Friends' with Daniel Allen a couple of year ago; incestuous significant other, but in a good way.

Allen's 'Moving Foward' has the power and warp speed of a Inter-City on a return ticket - No Way Back has got this dancefloor foward facing.

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Artist: Always Friends 
Title: Significant Other EP (Remixes)
Release date: 14th June, 2024
Label: No Way Back
Catalog Number: CAT1064720
Format: Digital / Bandcamp



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