Friday 28 October 2022

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You might be forgiven for thinking the label Head Honcho at Colour & Pitch has been sent to Coventry for their latest release 'Sky Be Blue' but remarkably, Austin, Texas is nearer the mark!

Chad Will first came to light by winning a remix competition for Danny Howells' 'Breath' and  since another life changing event, he's now putting his heart and soul (you could say, "literally") in his music production work. 

Strongly recommend checking out the links below to hear 3 great versions - or this months' Colour & Pitch Radio show with Will Sumsuch that went live this week. 

Each mix is great and can easily fit the main room or the backroom,  Does the orignal mix have a bit of 80s ESG vibe?  Either way, it just has the right level of good time blue sky dreaming moody cloud-synths.

Finest Wear (Nite Grooves, Nordic Trax) goes even deeper into the synth dream whilst New York's Sleepy & Boo get really bouncy synth for a loft / appartment / underground party in any direction heading out of Williamsburg (that's the Brooklyn one of course). 

Expect much more from Chad in the new year as this Austinite has a desire to get it out there.

Colour and Pitch Sessions with Sumsuch October 2022

Artist: Chad Will 

Title: Sky Be Blue inc remixes by Finest Wear and Sleepy & Boo.

Single Release Date: 28/10/2022

Label:  Colur and Pitch



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