Friday 21 October 2022

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It's clear from the BBE J-Jazz series that Mike Peden does love a rare record but in addition to tracking down the best of the rare in the land of the rising sun, this time he's got a gem from the land of the midnight sun with a super rare LP (original only 500 so an instant collectors item) from the Per Husby Septett. 

With covers of tracks by the be-and-post-boppers Kenny Wheeler, Cedar Walton and Charlie Parker you'd thought that'd be enough to covert this album (that features the finest of Norway's Jazz musicians that's led by pianist & arranger Per Husby) but the title track is a killer (erm, let's try 'is a peacemaker'). 

Getting back to Peden, he does like 100mph bop and 'Au Privave / Bloomdido' is that. And then, by contrast, 'Nokve' has the pace and vibe of a 'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes' whilst the Kenny Wheeler compositions 'Smatta' and 'Introduction To No Particular Song' hark back to Peden's usual sidekick, Tony 'Impressed' Higgins and his Brit-Jazz revival [this release being Peden's equivalent to Higgins' recent BBE post bop re-issue release on BBE, Shamek Farrah & Norman Person 'Live' - get the feeling these guys are in friendly competition?]. 

So jazz-heads and dancers will know 'Fantasy In D' (the Walton track) , 'Confirmation' (Parker) and 'Lush Life' (Strayhorn) that are all impecable interpretations in both small and big band arrangements. 

What really stands out is the title track, 'The Peacemaker' written by Harold Land. Perhaps we just need to give peace a chance today (bearing in mind this set was recorded back in 1976) along with Per Husby's own 'Adgang F.'. 

And then the original artwork is kinda Monty Pythoneaque and Per Husby has done some new sleeve notes for what is now a 2xLP/CD/Digital release thus making this a necessary addition to any record collection. 

Nice one Mike, lets hope there's more to follow in a series.

Artist: Per Husby Septett

Title: Peacemaker

Release date: 21st October 2022

Label: BBE Music

Cat. No: BBE641

Format: 2xLP / CD / Digital


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