Friday 7 October 2022

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If you're the impatient jazz type that can't wait to get their hands on this rare LP lovingly re-issued by BBE and have been trying to get up to speed on Bandcamp, the nearly 13 minute version of the opening track 'Aisha' by Shamek Farrah and Norman Person, you'll know that there is one massive problem, it's not long enough! 

Don't panic, the album has a second 9 minute version! 

It's a shame they both fade out but what can you do when this release was recorded live between 1988 and 1991 and previousy only avaliable in cassette form at their gigs, this release is a 'lost' jem of post-bop spiritual soul-jazz with a huge Latin kick. 

You'll kow the cover versions of 'Footprints' (Wayne Shorter, RIP) and 'I Remember Clifford' like the back of you hand, like the band here but you'll need this album as much for 'Aisha' as 'Negative Forces' - this time a 12 and 55 minute version on the double vinyl 45rpm disc/CD/Digital. 

This release sits perfectly with BBE/180 Proof Records' Strata East re-issues and helpfully there's a 'get to know you' interview with Shamek Farrah and Norman Person by The Jazz Dad himself, Tony Higgins (J-Jazz with Mike Peden, Impressed with Gilles Peterson and much more). 

Absolutely fantastic that all involved have now shared this brilliant jazz with the rest of the world and can't recommend it enough.


Artist: Shamek Farrah & Norman Person

Title: Live 

Release date: 7th October, 2022

Label : BBE Music

Catalog Number : BBE679 LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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