Wednesday 21 September 2022

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Hollie Cook's new single, taken from her album 'Happy Hour' is all you'd expect from the 'Lil' Slit' with her reputation for bouncey lovers rock that here is produced with the help of Youth. 

It's backed by a track called 'Unkind Love' and if you are a fan of her 2011 debut album on Mr Bongo (produced by Dennis Bovel that got full  Prince Fatty dub overhaul) you'll won't be surprised by the quality of this new material.

What perhaps will surprise you (thanks to Mrs Ramrock, Jo Wallace for pointing this out) is that there's a Black Science Orchestra remix and dub versions.  We've not seen/heard these guys since Junior Boy's Own/Afro Art way back. 

The remix is very much in a disco-shuffle-jazz-funk groove and with a proper 'dub'; it's going to get you moving as the synths and percussion take on a very 80s go-go vibe with reggae island horns and organ; what more could you ask for? Kitchen sink? (only kidding).

Lets hope this is the start of Black Science Orchestra taking on more remixes like this.

P.S. There's an interview with Ashley Beedle in the new DISCO POGO magazine [#2] in which he covers his Black Science Orchestra days and much more.

Artist: Hollie Cook 

Title: Move My Way (Black Science Orchestra Remixes) 

Release Date : 14th September, 2022

Catalog Number : 

Label : Merge Records

Format: Digital


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