Friday 20 October 2023

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Here is the new British Standard for Soul and us naturals are fluent in the native language of Discoteca, turn it up Soulnaturals!

If you were a regular Friday and Saturday nite cluber in the 70s at the like of  Maison Royale, Bumbles, The Outlook or many thousands of other shady dancing establishments with an extended drinks licence 50 odd years ago, here's the modern equivalent of what would have been "the hottest sounds around"!

In the main room we'd have had the massive hit, 'I Found Love In A Discoteque' (see reveiw HERE) but all of the other seven tracks here would have either made the the main or backrooms as Soulnaturals parlo discoteca with ultimate fluency.

'I Found Love In A Discoteque' features the vocals of Ceci Munette as well as 'Rise Sister Rise' which is a bit funkier al la Donna Summer/Sister Sledge etc along with some big strings.  Tony Cannam sings on two 'modern' gems 'Baby I Got Your Back' which has some 70s Blackpool funk-mod-ish touches and a strong organ whilst 'Ain't Nobody Free (Until Eerybody's Free)' closes the album on a high class arrangement with celestial harp and gospel vocals; stand on the word vs. Soul II Soul.

Rosa Levv gets the title track and the reggae-ish 'I Chose Me' with huge backing vocals whilst Emma May Osei-Lah get vocally high on 'My Love Is Stronger' (one for the ladies) and a funky tale for Chalibrann who says, 'I Signed A Contract (With My Higher Self)' - a bit Edwin Starr vs James Brown - love it.

Rumours a foot about who is fighting to do remixes of this album already: let 'em fight I say as this is already brilliant throughout whether you remember the 70s or 70 minutes ago but never say lo non parlo discoteca!

Artist: Soulnaturals 

Title: Parlo Discoteca? 

Release date: 20th October, 2023

Label : British Soul Standard

Catalog Number : BSS0024

Format: LP / CD / Digital / Bandcamp 


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