Saturday 25 October 2014

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Austin, USA. Capital of Texas. Home to SXSW, Willie Nelson, Google, Ebay and Harmonious Discord - a label that has "been the purveyors of offbeat melodies" for the last eleven years.  Created to provide a musical outlet for artists that defy convention, their latest release comes to us via Onium - also known as Stephen Moon. Onium first featured on the Discordian Dreaming Series. This however is his debut full length EP.

Well known for "pushing the edge", Onium flirts heavily with dub techno in this EP. Track One entitled - "He Breathes" feels dreamy and serene in the build up, with drifty synths that make way for a deep progressive baseline. Track two takes the baton and builds on to an edgy electronic euphony. Entitled "Opslo" and with three additional remixes, you certainly dont feel short changed! Up first, Echo Conscious brings us something a little more uplifting, with the introduction of cowbells, lighter melody and minimal distortion. This is offset by mucher darker, but equally stunning remixes from Bleupulp - which at times fools you into thinking that two tracks have been badly blended and Hemiptera - whose mix has a strong progressive feel to it.  "Sharing Light" demonstrates a much stronger techno influence as does the final track "Piped". The synths have a more sinister edge, with heavy echo and persistent bass lines, as in Breathe.

With a motto like "Cacophony at it's finest", this EP embraces it with both arms, although any harshness is quickly offset with a beauty that washes over you. It has cutting edge, creative production and I cant wait to hear more in the future from this forward thinking artist.

Immix is out now via Beatport and all good download stores.


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