Monday 19 May 2014

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This week Slovakian born Kepikei returns with a killer techno EP - Back to School which gets released on the 14th May. Top Billin Records are quoted as saying “We don’t often drop deep music on the label, so when we do you should expect it to be something out of the box, as is the case this time” and they weren't kidding! This EP smashes it! Kepikei - now a resident of sunny LA, has produced something that would be more at home in the darkest depths of Berlin!

Track one “Dawn” gives you a sinister but exciting insight as to where this EP might be going, with track two – “In so many Ways” upping the anti, with the female vocal loop cutting through the heavy electronic backdrop. Track three entitled “Nancee Kelly”, may sound like a Disney heroine, but think Maleficent, more than Sleeping Beauty! The final track on the EP is aptly named “Spun” and keeps the energy levels up until the bitter end.

Individually, the tracks are creative, innovative and fast paced. As a whole the EP demonstrates why Kepikei is attracting attention from DJs and industry media, solidifying his reputation as one of the most interesting DJs in the warehouse techno scene at the moment.

"Back To School" is available now on all major download stores, or buy directly via the Top Billin' Bandcamp


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