Wednesday 14 May 2014

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RiCHARD.GEAR steps up for the bodytalk label's second release with his new offering, "Strange Magick". Founder of the excellent Whiskey Pickle imprint, Mr Gear is a regular fixture on the after-dark scene in his native Austin, Texas.

The title track combines some classic house sounds with insistent, discordant vocal samples to create palpable tension. This is proper after-hours material, with the added bonus of a lovely bouncing groove.

George Horn (Acryl Music, DeepWit) smooths out proceedings with his laid back, rolling remix. A warm bassline joins up to some subtle stabs, keeping the energy levels just right throughout.

The second track, "Be Free," has a much more stripped-down approach, featuring slow-building chords and a life-affirming vocal sample. A M.I.J.A.S. remix completes the package, upping the intensity with classic 808 drums, plus filtered chords and bass.

Overall this is a great release, with a mix for (almost) all occasions. Check it out right here:


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