Sunday 4 December 2011

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DCSTrax have become well respected for their consistently deep, quality output, and this, their 15th release is definitely no exception. It warms my heart to say this EP is available on vinyl as well as digitally (albeit with a slightly different track listing)- proving this is a label standing firmly behind their material, and putting their money where their mouth is.

This is the debut release for German producers Ghostnotez (AKA Matt Flores & Doogie P). Bilk 123 sees the pair embracing the slower BPMs which are all the rage at the moment, and mixing their creation on analogue gear which really does make a difference to the sound. Atmospheric, warm and hypnotic, the track builds beautifully throughout, managing to sound both classic and brand new at the same time.

The first remix in the package is by Jay Tripwire, a man who should need no introduction to fans of proper house music. Already a favourite producer of mine, this may well be the finest work I've heard from him. On the surface you could say it's acid, or jackin', or moody, and you'd be right. However it's hard to explain just how beautiful, sensitive and, dare I say it, pretty this track is- I suggest you buy it and find out for yourself.

Finally we are treated to another stellar remix by OneThirty Recordings' boss Jevne Miller. Also keeping the BPM low, lovely rolling percussion, a killer bassline and some very sneaky steel drum sampling are the order of the day here. Fantastic.

Overall, this is without doubt this is the most compelling release I've heard so far from DCSTrax, and the quality of music on display places the label squarely into the territory of the bigger boys such as Freerange & 20:20. I hope this release gets the acclaim it deserves, and really puts DCSTrax on the map.

Vinyl release: 20th November 2011
Digital Traxsource Exclusive: 7th December 2011


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