Friday 2 December 2011

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I first heard Canadian MC D-Sisive on a DJ Format record back in 2005, on which his tone, deft flow, clever lyrics and innate sense of fun immediately caught my attention. Unfortunately I jumped on the D-Sisive bandwagon just as he entered a period of writers block.

After almost 3 years of silence he returned in 2008 with what must be one of the most prolific comebacks in music history. His return saw darker lyrics, a sharper tongue, as well as a genuine disdain for both the music industry and the current state of hip hop.

Without doubt one of the cleverest and most original rappers on the international scene, D-Sisive's recent output has been constantly compelling. Although some of the beats he chooses to rhyme over may not be my personal choice, his ability to paint a picture with words never fails to impress.

Having given away not one but two concept albums as free downloads (the sorely underrated 'Jonestown' LPs), D-Sisive has followed up with 'Run With The Creeps', released on November 15th 2011. Probably his most honest and original record to date, this album is full of dense, claustrophobic beats and introspective lyrics- fans of feel-good party hip hop need not apply. On first listen there are a couple of immediately likable tracks which are clearly more accessible, however I would rather not dissect the record- I strongly recommend it should be listened to in its entirety. It's a proper album with a beginning, middle and ending, exactly as it should be.

Railing harder than most against the morass of shallow, commercialised nonsense which passes for rap music these days, if anyone in the industry deserves a break, it's Derek Christoff. As his label Urbnet told me: "So far we have had the best response with this D-Sisive record. We hope this is the record that launches his career!"

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